When we trade our time for money, the price is high

Stuck in the daily grind working a job we don't like, it's easy to fall into the trap of seeking relief through chasing shinny things that provide momentary joy.

When will we acknowledge that the cost out ways the reward?

What are we really sacrificing?

Our Lives. Our Freedom. Our Time.

Time is not renewable resource.

When we trade our time for coins, we are actually trading our life for coins, as our lives consist of a fixed amount of time, and what we do with that time is up to us.

Once we understand the true cost, isn't it worth only trading the time we need for the coins we need? And reserving the rest of our life for us? To do with as we see fit?

  • Time for rest

  • Time for play

  • Time for family

  • Time for friends

  • Time for learning

  • Time for growing

  • Time for ourselves

  • Time for giving back

  • Time for doing what lights us up

When we acknowledge our own self-worth, this will help us release the need to be externally validated, which will help us get our worth from within, making it a little easier to acknowledging the true cost.

This post is not aimed at people who are doing what they love and spending their money however they see fit.

This post is for people who are not doing what they love, but who know there is more out there for them, however, they tend to get side-tracked by chasing shiny things to distract themselves from the pain of not achieving what they truly want in life.

This post is intended to help these people get clear on the true cost of what they are sacrificing.

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