The Emperor's New Clothes

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

You might remember this fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen

An emperor pays two swindlers a large sum of money to weave him a beautiful silk suit.

There is a catch though; the swindlers explain the garment will appear invisible to anyone who is a fool.

The whole town commend the weavers for a garment that none of them can see, because it's not there. The Emperor proudly parades himself around in the nude, supposedly wearing a garment that he cannot see.

It takes a young child, convinced he isn't a fool, to point out that the emperor is not wearing anything. By the time the Emperor realizes what's happened, the weavers have taken off with their loot for doing precisely nothing.

Why did the whole town pretend to see something that wasn't there?

There are two reasons:

1. Self-Doubt

2. Fear of Judgment

For most of us, self-belief, resilience, and discernment are not qualities that remain intact into our adult years. Most school systems and many workplaces reward us for fitting in and avoiding criticism.

So, how do we reestablish these key factors to achieve a successful, fulfilling, and happy life?

1. Get clear on your values.

What is important to you, and why? It is a lot harder to turn your back on these key factors once you identify your values!

2. Do activities that align with your values.

Does contribution rate high on your values list? If so, volunteer to help out at your local soup kitchen once per week!

Do you feel like you need more fun in your life? If so, take up a new hobby, or pick up an old one!

It is a lot harder to turn your back on these key factors once you are actively doing things that fulfill your highest values!

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