Reflecting on 2019

Updated: Apr 22

"Sometimes it's easy to forget how far we've come. That's why it's important to acknowledge our accomplishments and celebrate our small wins."

My highlights for 2019 are:

  • Renovating my Caravan which I lived in for 6 months

  • Becoming a registered Hypnotherapist + NLP Practitioner + Mbit Coach

  • Hiring a camper van which I spent traveling around my hometown of Noosa in for a week

  • Attending the biggest event of the year with my amazing team of fellow nutritional cleansing enthusiasts

  • Visiting my Sister who is bravely battling the big C

  • Taking up surfing again after a 7-year break

  • Taking up gymnastics at 28 years old and loving it

  • Investing in an amazing business coach who helped me grow my coaching business

  • Attending my first Tony Robbins UPW event which helped me realize and release my limiting beliefs to take my life to the next level

  • Holding my community engagement/ human rights awareness project "Petals of Peace" at over 12 Market/ Festival around Sydney

  • Going to Melbourne with friends to visit the hot springs and celebrate our spiritual practice of Falun Dafa

  • Supporting my Mum through the passing of my Grandmother

  • Camping down the South Coast

  • Listening to over 20 personal development books on Audible

  • Finishing my contract at my office job and going fulltime into my Coaching business!

What are your biggest achievements and lessons from 2019?

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