Nearly 30!

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

I was always excited about growing up, and I still am!

As a child, adults would tell me that I shouldn't get excited about growing up, as getting older wasn't good, but I never believed them.

  • I vowed to follow through on my belief that growing up would be great!

  • I vowed that once I had "grown up" I would stick up for any young person being shut down by an adult telling them they shouldn't get excited about growing up.

I have defended this belief of many young people over the years, telling them that I have really enjoyed growing up so far, and that it just keeps getting better the older I get. (Usually to the shock of the offending adult who I am opposing)

My favorite things about growing up so far are:

  • Receiving more respect. (Young people are often shut down in a condescending manner of: "what would you know!?")

  • More belief in myself and my abilities

  • Higher standards of what I deserve

  • Feeling comfortable in my own skin

  • Caring less about what people think of me

  • Decreased anxiety

  • Increased feelings of worthiness

  • Empowering myself by taking responsibility for my own actions and outcomes

  • Being able to make my own money

  • Choosing how I spend my money

  • Ability to choose where I want to live

  • Developing my own values & beliefs

Our beliefs are very powerful. Be careful of your own beliefs, and the beliefs you pass on to others.

  • What beliefs do you hold that serve you?

  • What beliefs do you hold that don’t serve you?

These are interesting questions to consider as we can change our disempowering beliefs, and increase the intensity of our empowering beliefs.

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