Does your Past define You, or do You define your Past?

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Someone who is at peace with themselves is usually at peace with their past.

They have taken the leanings from the challenges life has presented them, and they can look back with a calm heart and no regrets.

Even if they would have done differently with what they know now, they understand that they did their best with what they knew then, and they have learnt from it.

Someone who is not happy with themselves is usually not happy with their past.

They take the challenges life has presented them, and use them as reasons for why they can't do what they want to do, be who they want to be, or have what they want to have.

It is not about what you have experienced, but the meaning you give those experiences.

Do you take the learnings, or do you use it as an excuse?

Do you define your past, or does your past define you?

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