Get Dressed

Updated: Apr 22

I've been working from home lots since covid.

After going through my miracle morning routine which consists of meditation, exercise, reading and journaling, (that’s another post in itself) it's so tempting to get into my big fluffy grey tracksuit and get ready to work from home in fleecy comfort!

I have definitely been a member of the work from home tracky-dack club, the only problem is it leaves me feeling slovenly, and incapable of ducking down to the corner store without feeling like a slob.

Lately, I've made an effort to get dressed and tidy my hair before starting work, even if I don't have any Zoom meeting booked for the day, nor plan on leaving the house all day. Since doing this I feel more motivated and confident to smash through my work because I am dressing for success.

There may be times in the future where I work in my tracksuit, but for the time being I am happily revoking my tracky-dack club membership, and joining the dress for success club.

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