Do Opposites Attract?

Updated: Apr 22

Well yes, and no...

While Men and Women are innately different, and past experiences and communication styles differ greatly (even among those of us who feel like we are kindred spirits), the reality is that relationships are built upon some form of common ground, and we need to have some form of common interests, values, and goals, in order to feel enough of a connection that we will want to build a relationship with them.

Do you want children? Do you fancy getting married? How about your partner? What would you like to do over the next five years? What about your partner? Are your plans compatible? What are your non-negotiables? How do you like to spend your time? Do you share any hobbies?

Doing things as a couple that you both enjoy brings you closer together.

In the words of Steven Covey: Think Win/Win, or No Deal.

Rather than agree to watch a football match with your partner if you are not interested in football, or have your partner agree to join a knitting class with you if they are not interested in knitting, find something that you both mutually enjoy and do that together.

Keep your interests that are exclusive to each of you as things to do with friends or by yourselves, and spend your couple time doing things that you both enjoy! Or at least don't agree to do things together that one of you actively dislikes.

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