Updated: Apr 22

I had the most amazing 3 day hiking trip recently.

I often get neck tension and pressure headaches caused by working in front of my computer for prolonged period of time.

By the third day out here with no reception, and nothing to stare at except the ocean, sky, and jungle, the consistent pain I have been experiencing for years literally melted away.

Isn't it interesting to think about how much technology has shaped our lives in the past decade alone!?

Don't get me wrong! I love working location independently from my phone or laptop anywhere that has a wifi connection, but with this freedom has come the responsibility and strain of feeling like we are always "on" and never able to turn "off".

It is very important that we learn to separate our work time from our down time, and learn to work effectively in our work time, so we can really relax in our down time, rather than being on a constant idle.

Like a parked car with the ignition running, constantly ready to shift into drive, the engine never getting a chance to turn off and cool down.

How does technology effect your life?

What action do you take, (or want to take) to make sure you get the rest and down time you need?

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