What does it mean to be in "Alignment"?

Updated: Apr 22

Sometimes we want to do one thing, but we end up doing something completely contrary.


  • We may feel inspired to work (mind), but we also feel physically tired (body)

  • We may feel full (body), but we might be stressed and looking to comfort eat (mind)

How do we enable our mind and body to work together synergistically for our greater good?

The first thing to do is get rid of the guilt

  • Get rid of the guilt associated with resting when you think you should be working.

  • Get rid of the guilt associated with comfort eating when you feel full.

  • Let go of the guilt and get curious.

  • Get curious about what needs the behavior is attempting to meet.

  • Could your comfort eating be meeting your needs of Connection?

  • Could you replace the comfort eating with connecting with loved ones? Or connecting with yourself while spending time alone in nature?

  • Could your resting be meeting your needs of recharging?

  • Are you genuinely tired? Or could you replace your lounging around with meditation? A jog? A fun day out just for you?

We will meet our needs however we can, and if we don't meet our needs in a resourceful way, then we will meet them in an unresourceful way.

Set yourself up for success. Ask yourself what needs you are neglecting and make a plan to meet your needs in a way that is resourceful to you!

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