Attention Deficit vs Attention Surplus

We all have attention deficit for things that don’t interested us, just as we all have attention surplus order for things that do interest us.

Jacob is a 10-year-old boy who loves to play soccer video games and hates math. Jacob has been diagnosed with ADD by his school councilor Sarah.

Without judging whether you think these video games are good for Jacob or not, the fact of the matter is Jacob possesses attention surplus for soccer video games. He is better than all his friends at this game, and he knows all the names of the players on his favorite soccer team.

On the other hand, Sarah has no interest in soccer or video games. Whatever Sarah’s interests and skills are, soccer video games are not one of them. Sarah possesses attention deficit for soccer video games.

Everyone is genius in some area as we naturally pay attention to and become an expert in whatever we are interest in.

The key to developing an interest in things you believe you ‘should’ be doing but aren’t interested in, is to link them to what you are naturally interested in. (your highest values)

In Jacob’s case, this meant linking his interest in basketball video games with his disinterest in math. Jacob was led to realize that if he was good at math, he would be better able to keep track of the score in his game and judge the distance and angle from the goal posts.

What areas do you possess AD / AS in?

*Concept taken from Dr Demartini

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